I'm Darby.

I am: Utah. Student. Head in the clouds. Prepared for the Apocalypse. Theater Nerd. Raver. Dancer. Questioning Norms. Open-Minded. In Love.

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People. Places. Funny Things. Pretty Things. Zombies. Anime. LotR. Raves. EDM. Pretty Girls. Art. Couples. Love. Spirituality. Harry Potter. A:TLA. Drugs. Quotes. Life.

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And in that early morning, when the sun was coming up and our roll was coming down, I never felt more sure about living.



DAFT cookies gif. ( St. Valentine’s day ? ) Thank you for your “reactions” Domo Arigato !

DAFT PIZZA gif (http://4mi-t.tumblr.com/post/76313722337/hahaha-i-love-guy-mans-body-type) DAFT BREAD gif (http://4mi-t.tumblr.com/post/68869660046/i-made-animated-gif-hahaha-and-old-comic) GRAMMYS gif (http://4mi-t.tumblr.com/post/74712732708/congratulations-daft-punk-hug)


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